February – Valentine’s Day!

Written by Creature Comforts. Posted in Blog

It’s hard to do anything on the internet these days without stumbling across cute, amazing and funny animals.  (I myself can spend a couple hours of my weekend watching cute sleepy kitten videos…)  So, there is no doubt that people LOVE their pets – for many reasons.  After a long day, there is nothing like coming home to a meow, tail wag or a happy sniff.  Animals provide companionship, security and, for some, aid in their daily lives.  Since the holiday of the month is Valentine’s Day, here are some love-themed gifts to spoil your pets!


Edible cards for cats and dogs – seriously. 

A heart-shaped box of cookies disguised as chocolates. 

There’s nothing better to give a cat then something they can destroy with their claws…

Eco-friendly leashed made of recycled materials.

A puzzle where dogs have to use their noses and paws to find and uncover treats.

Kitties loooove boxes.  So buy them one built into a chalet!


Of course, animals don’t know how much you’re spending on them.  They are happy with a long walk, a laser pointer and some cuddly lovin’.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and enjoy your pets!