Above and Beyond

At Creature Comforts we offer so much more than outstanding pet care services. We know you’re busy and we offer some serious stress relief by helping to take care of your pet and your home.

Home Security Visits

Even if you’ve taken your pets with you out of town, there’s still always that nagging stress…will the house be O.K.? Did I lock all the doors and windows? Who is going to take care of the mail? Who’s going to water the plants? Creature Comforts can take care of the many day-to-day things that need to be done, so that you and your pet return to a house that’s just the way you like it.

Service includes:

  • Do perimeter checks to ensure doors and windows are locked
  • Take in the mail, newspapers and flyers
  • Water plants indoors and outside
  • Turn lights on in different rooms with every visit and change drapes and blind configurations
  • Drop by at different times of the day so it looks like someone is still home

Lost Keys

Sound the trumpets! Don’t worry; we’ll be your knights in shining armour. If you forget or lose your house keys, we’ll come to the rescue with a spare set, day or night. It’s just one way Creature Comforts brings added value to our list of services to offer every client extra peace of mind.

Pet Taxi

Vet appointments, grooming appointments, play dates at grandma’s – wherever your pet needs to go, we’ll make sure he or she gets there safely. Comfort and safety are paramount when transporting your four- legged family members, and we’ll get them there and back on time.