September – Social Media Advances

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After 20 years of providing pet care services, Creature Comforts is stepping into the 21st century…  In addition to our Facebook page, Twitter account and updated website, we are starting a monthly blog.  We intend to bring you relevant information about pet health, happiness and resources.  Check us out!

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Welcome to the Creature Comforts Blog.

We love to interact, nurture and have fun with animals, and we are honoured every time a client entrusts a beloved pet to us. We believe that animals, like people, need a balanced life and we’re here to help make that happen by stepping in when you step out.

With 20 years of experience, a committed staff of highly trained pet lovers, and a fleet of trucks that give access to all our West Coast landscape has to offer, we offer the kind of convenience, flexibility, security and personalized, caring service that being a highly professional organization with a proven track record makes possible.

20 years … that’s a lot of wagging tales, feline smiles, and satisfied pet owners.