December – Happy Holidays!

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In the hope to alleviate unnecessary stresses on these days please take note of the following:

  1. If you observe such conditions please take the initiative to let us know via phone or email if you plan to stay home yourself to avoid unnecessary stops along the route.
  2. For those that require essential service if we are not able to go for a walk we will at least make sure that the dog gets out for an appropriate bathroom break.


The holiday season is here!  This is an exciting (and maybe a little stressful) time of the year not only for us, but for our pets too.  Here are some helpful tips we’ve gathered from around the web to help your holidays go more smoothly:

–             Tire out your pets before the company comes.  Having visitors in your home will undoubtedly cause extra excitement and/or anxiety for your pets.  To ensure a well-behaved dog, go for a long walk before people arrive and things get busy.  To calm kitty’s nerves, ensure they have access to a bustle-free and quiet place they feel safe.  Keep in mind some people are uncomfortable around animals and having a tuckered out pet will help those people relax.

–             New items may be introduced around your home and safety will be a concern.  Don’t forget that poinsettias induce vomiting in dogs, so keep them well out of reach.  (Mistletoe, ivy and holly berries can be poisonous also.)  Similarly, treats with chocolate need to be sealed and kept out of reach because chocolate is poisonous for dogs.

–             Tinsel is oh-so-tempting for kitty, but it is very dangerous and can cut up your pets’ intestines.  Paper tinsel is a better option than plastic or metallic.  Place fragile ornaments toward the top of the tree and sturdy ones toward the bottom.

–             Keep your tree and presents safe from destruction (because our dogs will know what presents contain food, even if we don’t…) Use a pen as a mini fence around the tree and gifts.  It doesn’t have to ruin the theme; you can decorate it with fabric bows, paper ornaments, etc.

–             Unplug lights and other electric decorations when you leave the house in case pets decide chewing on them is a good idea.  They can also trip on cords, such as the one connected to your tree, which could cause greater injuries and damage.

–             Have fun and relax!  Our pets can sense when we are anxious and stressed out.  Remember that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed – so take a little time to cuddle up with your furry children and soak up the spirit.

Looking for gift ideas for your critters?  We’ve found a few useful products to consider:

If you have a busy dog that is easily bored, try using a doggy back pack.  Being able to strap a little bit of extra weight on them makes them feel like they are working, giving them satisfaction, focus and more exercise.  Visit http://www.cesarsway.com for more info.

For dogs with Anxiety, some of our clients have recently purchased the Thundershirt.  This shirt fits snug around your dog, gently calming their nerves while you are away, in the car, during storms, etc.

If your large breed dog is a puller and you would like to regain control, try Cesar the Dog Whisperer’s Illusion Dog Collar.   Normal collars rest on the lowest and strongest part of your dog’s neck.  The illusion collar holds the slip collar closer to the ears, maximizing your control.

Litter boxes don’t have to be smelly AND an eyesore… You can buy them disguised as furniture or plant pots!

Kitties love to scratch!  Here’s a funny twist to a regular cardboard scratch pad… hilarious.

Does your cat like to drink from a running faucet?  Here is a lovely unique handmade cat fountain.

Hope that gives you some ideas.  Enjoy the holiday season!


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